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Re: [tor-talk] Hacker and Tor (thank you)

techlist@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
OK; I am sure the Islamic terrorist asking about how to hack websites
will appreciate your help. Next step is solving his problem about how to
build a bomb.

Yet deliberately providing false information could lead many other
people astray, including people who have very legitimate needs to stay
anonymous.  It is one thing to provide misinformation in a private email
and quite another to post it on a widely read mailing list.  ((I'll
leave it to others to debate the morality/ethics of misinformation in
private email.)

With regard to calling the OP an Islamic terrorist w/o a shred of evidence ... It is exactly that sort of hyperbole that, at least in the United States, prevents a rational debate about legitimate threats vs civil liberties.

>Hidemyass did deanonymize and gave out information to the goverment about One if their own users. If >> >dns is your problem run dns throw Tor. Use dnscrypt throw Tor . A cpanel is often just some php >script sure it might record ur ip and useragent But that is mostly the Web server that does that. If >> >You have a fake usr agent and are running Tor You can do like a online browser leakage test. I would >not(and this is my opinion use hidemyass).

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