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Re: [tor-talk] 33c3 and tor?


> On 20 Dec 2016, at 14:37, fatal <fatal@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> an early version of the fahrplan for 33c3 is released¹ (btw. also the
> 33c3 app on f-droid is already available).
> I couldn't find any talks from the tor-project yet, but maybe I've
> overlooked them? Will there be any?
> And will there be a tor relay operators meetup?
> Thanks
> f.
> ¹ https://fahrplan.events.ccc.de/congress/2016/Fahrplan/

CCC has opted not to accept any talks by Tor this year, but there
will be Tor people there. Someone might organize a relay operators


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