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Re: [tor-talk] Tor official list of new .onion addresses?

Nathaniel Suchy <me@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> It's true that someone malicious can run a HSDir and get some (but not
> all) of the Onion Addresses however this would assume that your onion
> address ends up in a malicious HSDir (last time I checked it's
> published to 5 different HSDirs?).

v3 onions get rid of this enumeration attack entirely. They can be used
now with a recent Tor.

A wider point here is that "enumerate all .onions" *is* considered an
attack on the Tor network, so any "list of onion addresses" would have
to be strictly opt-in.

Anyone can therefore offer such a service (and people have over the
years done just that).


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