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Re: [tor-talk] Onioncat and Tor Hidden Services V3

On 9/16/19, s7r <s7r@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> P2P type of applications start to break down

> What do you mean here? I guess you mean P2P type of applications s tart
> to break down when the host / user count grows beyond 10 or so _only
> when OnionCat is used with HSv3_, right? Why is that exactly?

No, provided you can get them talking bidirectionally,
users apps run just as well on v2 as they do on v3.
But v3 breaks 1:1 mapping between ipv6 and onion,
and onioncat doesn't yet integrate with hashring or use
some other layer to do addressing lookups. The documented
example is to configure a mesh of static maps... that works
for small numbers of users / services that already
know each other, up until you have to start maintaining
many tens to hundreds in onioncat config. And
P2P apps that interop with random peers don't work.
As an example, try setting up both ping, and then bittorrent
or any other P2P app, over both v2 vs v3 onions, then you
will see what breaks and how painful and limiting
the v3 onioncat hack is to use with P2P.
Actually installing OnionCat and setting up some apps
to run over it will help show better than any words here could.

Either HSv2 support must not be allowed to go away,
or onioncat must be made to work with HSv3.
Otherwise tor permanently loses a major onionland capability.

Including some filesystems, storage coins, VoIP calling,
mail / messaging, news, etc where setting up piles of
static maps is not an option.
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