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Re: [tor-talk] A security concern about Tor.


Am 21/12/2019 um 22.36 schrieb hack3rcon@xxxxxxxxx:
> Thank you for your useful info.
> How can I use and configure Tor correctly?
> I'm using some IMs like telegram and I don't like my messages monitored by the governments. I also like to hide my real identity.

That's a tough question. Using tor correctly usually involves adapting
your habits (e.g. your not anonymous if you're communicating with the
same contacts / have the same social graph as before).

IMHO  the best idea is to get some practical training from people having
some experience.

General, the cryptoparty initiative (https://cryptoparty.in) and the eff
https://eff.org do trainings. Maybe, some suit suit you.


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