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Re: Tor Network response slowing to zero

clifnor@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Can other users confirm that network response is degrading badly during
the past 2-3 weeks? I have a decent home cable link (1.8Mb down/356 up)
but I am having to wait an average of 15-30 seconds to get any
response--sometimes the connection just hangs. Is there any data being
collected on network response?

At this rate, within a month the network will be useless.


I can also confirm that. Although I'm using a server sitting on a 100 Mbps connection, the response is indeed dramaticaly degraded.

I attach the mrtg of the established connections of my server, during January. It seems that 3 weeks ago, the number of established connections at any given moment, rised from about 350, to an average of 650 during the last 2 weeks !!!

The stats of my server are here: http://postmortem.csd.auth.gr/mrtg/

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