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Re: Tor Network response slowing to zero

I, too noticed same problem: especially with hidden service.

I don't know if this is related at all, but I have received personally
unconfirmed report of the fact that one of Japanese magazine which is
released on 1/8/2005 covered Tor, and I actually heard that it
promoted use of a one of domestic file sharing software in that
article (with some detailed how-to's for accomplishing it), and that's
like 3 weeks ago.

So it might be some be some clueless people using Tor network to do
that. (It probably sounded them very good, because legal issues of
file sharing is getting really harsh over there after arrest of the
author of the file sharing softwares.)

Hideki Saito
Mobile connection

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Subject:	Re: Tor Network response slowing to zero
From:	Giorgos Pallas <gpall@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:		February 2, 2005 9:38:39  PM

Giorgos Pallas wrote:

> I attach the mrtg of the established connections of my server, during 
> January. It seems that 3 weeks ago, the number of established 
> connections at any given moment, rised from about 350, to an average 
> of 650 during the last 2 weeks !!!

Now that I think again about it, this phenomenon could be a delayed 
variant of the slashdot phenomenon...