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Re: Solution to bandwidth prob...

I think this is an excellent observation and suggestion. I think many of
us in the user community would be immediately willing to sign up for
such a scheme, particularly those of us who for one reason or another
are unable to set up a server themselves. 

I look forward to being able to contribute some bandwidth as soon as a
SETI-like option for doing so is made available. I suggest such a
facility be made as transparent as possible to the user (perhaps just a
command-line option for turning on resource-sharing) and allow
throttling so that the user can be in control of how much bandwidth is
used during any given session. It should also be made as secure as
possible to prevent information about any given user from being exposed. 


On Fri, 4 Feb 2005 21:00:47 -0800, "admin" <admin@xxxxxxxxx> said:
> So bandwidth hogging is really becoming a problem? The bandwidth
> parameters do help, as does hibernation. But, many are willing to
> give ALL the available bandwidth as long as it is not needed by
> the local users. So why not do a iptables QOS example part of the
> package. If we know the receiving (proxy) port and the process
> owning the outgoing packets, this can be done. This would encourage
> all to donate all available bandwidth to the tor net. Maybe it
> should be re-baptized as a tor@home and join the seti crowd.
> Can anyone share such a setup w me? Regards, -Manuel