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Opt-Out Lists: Useful Feature?

bugmenot.com has this in their faq:

> Q: Are you going to bankrupt my paid content service?
> A: See above. If you are losing sleep over this then email the url and
> we'll add your site to the "automatically blocked" list.

I was wondering whether tor should have something like that on the eff
pages.  It should be easy enough to extend the configuration file
language to something like

ExitPolicy whitelist file:/etc/tor/these_are_my_friends.txt
ExitPolicy blacklist https://tor.eff.org/google_groups_and_such.txt
ExitPolicy blacklist https://tor.eff.org/opt-out_sites.txt

The first one is merely syntactic sugar to what already is there,
while the other two are a little different.  Every operator would
still be free to pick any policy.  But it doesn't seem much of an
effort to implement it to me, and it would be considerably faster to
propagate flawed sites.  Also, overall hostility towards the project
would be reduced by making an effort to be nice even to people who
don't understand internet identity management.

On the downside, it would centralize policy at least to some extent,
block sites that may otherwise be too lazy to protect themselves
manually, and of course opt-out lists aren't very likely to be honored
on all tor nodes anyway.  I don't know, just an idea.


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