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CVS Current Crash Report

While tor CVS current is running, I really like it! It consumes much
less resources than the stable branch.

Unfortunately for me it is not stable and consistantly crashes in 1-2 hours.
(of course after it crashes it consumes precious few resources <8-)

I'm running NetBSD 1.6.2(Stable) on a P-166 w/80M Ram

I have captured a debug-debug log file here (warning - about 3M):

I do not see any explanation for the crash in this file or the warnings
file I typically capture. What ever it is it seems to stop abruptly.

I have not been able to locate any core files (suggestions on how to
find or facilitate their creation welcome).

Additional information will be gladly provided, please tell me whay you
need and how to get it.

I periodically (daily) run a CVS update on the current branch, hoping my
problem will be solved, but so far, no joy.

Side Note: Have you considered inserting some sort of CVS update date stamp
in the version string? This would address issues of whether bug reports
are really from the most recent sources.