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Re: blockers

> That looks like a fine addition to the FAQ wiki. Please add it.

Ah, yes: Wiki.  I don't have to ask anybody to do that for me.  Ok, done.

> Also, can you provide more details about the actual errors and other
> 'minor error messages'? As SK said, Google typically does this filtering
> by query. They don't (as far as I know) keep a big database of IPs they
> think are 'bad'. So I'd be curious to hear more details. :)

Sorry i don't have any more details.  As I said, it's not clear how
some http expression could have triggered the error, for one because
it was a very standard looking query, and then because a retry a few
minutes later worked.

Next time I will try to capture the exact query and the exit point IP.
(Anything else I forgot?)


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