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Re: Strange error

On Wed, 01 Feb 2006, Marvin Preuss wrote:

> Hi,
> sometimes i get this error on my tor node...sometimes and sometimes
> not...but maybe someone can tell me what it means:
> Feb 01 12:02:32.339 [err] directory.c:276: directory_initiate_command:
> Assertion dir_port failed; aborting.

It's not supposed to do that :)

Please also install the tor-dbg package, and if you don't have it on
your system yet gdb also.

In /var/lib/tor you should find a file called "core" or

Then go to /var/lib/tor (cd /var/lib/tor) and start gdb on the corefile
(gdb /usr/sbin/tor core.<1234>) and type "bt" into gdb's prompt.  Send
us that output please.

Also let us know how your torrc looks like.

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