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Re: Circuits still shared?

Hello Mr. Perry and Mr. Dingledine,

Quted from Mike Perry:
> ...maybe I will have a go at it.
> ...
> ...I should be able to do a perl prototype on a saturday afternoon or something
>    though.

That would be great!  I really hope you find Tor annoying and worrysome (just kidding) enough to create this excellent feature for Tor. 

I would like to humbly add my suggestion for the impilmentation of this feature.  I think a controller button is the best option as Mr. Dingledine suggested "...the controller could have a botton to "change to a new pseudonym".

An end-user can decide when to change pseudonyms depending on what they are doning with Tor.  It seems this approach would have reduced bandwidth vs. your suggested method (which is also a very good idea).

The old Zero-Knowldege Freedom Network's controller had a button which changed pseudonyms (they called it "Nym's") which sound very similar to the method suggested by Mr. Dingledine.  With Freedom the end-user could click the button and they had a new pseudonym, with a new icon associated with the new "nym".

Regardless of the method you choose I would also like to suggest some type of icon in the Tor controller to signal that in fact you are using a new nym. 

~~Warning: Wish List~~

The icon could also be used to show information about the current entry-guard (EG).  For example the icon could show the EG's country of origin, operating system, speed, etc.  All these factors could allow for a more informed choice of EG's (via. StrictEntryNode, etc).  I could for example click the button "Change to a new Nym", then see what country the EG is located in.  If I don't want to access the Onion Route II via. the country the current EG is located in I could  click the "Change to a new Nym" button again until I an acceptable country.

Even more advanced (and complicated) would be the option to pre-select the EG's paramiters you allow.  For example I could configure the "Change to a new Nym" button to only allow EG's located in certain countries, or running certain opterating systems, etc.  A possibly more effectient method (vs. EG "only allow" configuration) may be to pre-select EG paramiters as to *not* to allow certain countries, operating systems, etc.

The downside to pre-selection of EG's depending on specific criteria could be uninformed end-users who make choices that hurt thier anonymity.

Thank you for you time,

Very best regards, Jermy Litle

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