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Tor is out

This is the fourteenth development snapshot for the 0.1.1.x series.

It fixes a few more bugs with clients and servers (including a memory
bloating bug for servers) and ties up other loose ends.


Changes in version - 2006-02-20
  o Bugfixes on 0.1.1.x:
    - Don't die if we ask for a stdout or stderr log (even implicitly)
      and we're set to RunAsDaemon -- just warn.
    - We still had a few bugs in the OR connection rotation code that
      caused directory servers to slowly aggregate connections to other
      fast Tor servers. This time for sure!
    - Make log entries on Win32 include the name of the function again.
    - We were treating a pair of exit policies if they were equal even
      if one said accept and the other said reject -- causing us to
      not always publish a new descriptor since we thought nothing
      had changed.
    - Retry pending server downloads as well as pending networkstatus
      downloads when we unexpectedly get a socks request.
    - We were ignoring the IS_FAST flag in the directory status,
      meaning we were willing to pick trivial-bandwidth nodes for "fast"
    - If the controller's SAVECONF command fails (e.g. due to file
      permissions), let the controller know that it failed.

  o Features:
    - If we're trying to be a Tor server and running Windows 95/98/ME
      as a server, explain that we'll likely crash.
    - When we're a server, a client asks for an old-style directory,
      and our write bucket is empty, don't give it to him. This way
      small servers can continue to serve the directory *sometimes*,
      without getting overloaded.
    - Compress exit policies even more -- look for duplicate lines
      and remove them.
    - Clients now honor the "guard" flag in the router status when
      picking entry guards, rather than looking at is_fast or is_stable.
    - Retain unrecognized lines in $DATADIR/state file, so that we can
      be forward-compatible.
    - Generate address policy format in descs when we can;
      warn when the mask is not reducible to a bit-prefix.
    - Let the user set ControlListenAddress in the torrc.  This can be
      dangerous, but there are some cases (like a secured LAN) where it
      makes sense.
    - Split ReachableAddresses into ReachableDirAddresses and
      ReachableORAddresses, so we can restrict Dir conns to port 80
      and OR conns to port 443.
    - Now we can target arch and OS in rpm builds (contributed by
      Phobos). Also make the resulting dist-rpm filename match the
      target arch.
    - New config options to help controllers: FetchServerDescriptors
      and FetchHidServDescriptors for whether to fetch server
      info and hidserv info or let the controller do it, and
      PublishServerDescriptor and PublishHidServDescriptors.
    - Also let the controller set the __AllDirActionsPrivate config
      option if you want all directory fetches/publishes to happen via
      Tor (it assumes your controller bootstraps your circuits).