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Re: "Low-Resource Routing Attacks Against Anonymous Systems"

It's very interesting and from what I can deduce, right. However, this
isn't new news. What *is* new is that it has been proved using math
and logic. I know that tor will eventually rise to defend this attack
as other applications such as freenet (i2p also?) have. Another
implication to consider of this is what if the same ISP controlled the
entry and exit nodes?

On 2/25/07, James Muir <jamuir@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
No one seems to have posted this to the list yet, so I thought I should:

"Low-Resource Routing Attacks Against Anonymous Systems",
K. Bauer, D. McCoy, D. Grunwald, T. Kohno, D. Sicker
Technical Report, University of Colorado


It was posted on Slashdot: