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Re: about Tor in Linux

Jackie schrieb:
> I want do some programming with Tor, I've heared that Tor is developed on Linux platform, so I want to switch my OS to Linux. But since Linux has so many variations, I don't know which one should I install for programming Tor?
For tor, it really doesn't matter, since building it from source is
really easy.
So use a distribution that is a) safe, b) fits your needs, c) you feel
comfortable with.
As a server environment, SUSE or OpenSUSE have proven themselves (among
many others). For home/office use Ubuntu has become very popular since
it is very easy to set up. And then there's my favorite, gentoo - a real
allrounder, quite fast and (AFAIK) safe.
But that's just a couple of distributions I've been working with; there
are many others out there. Depending on what you want to do with it, my
suggestions might or might not be good choices.
But again, for tor developement, any distribution will probably do.