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Re: New Privoxy 3.0.8 with Tor

Jack Straw <JackStraw@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I hate to sound lazy, but I find the new version of Privoxy somewhat 
> confusing. And I know that it's me!!
> Would it be possible for some kind soul to post 1)A sample user.action 
> file 2) a sample config file designed to allow the browser to connect to 
> Tor?
> My old useraction file and config file for Privoxy 3.06 don't work with 
> 3.08.

Without seeing the actual error messages, my guess would
be that your config file references action files without
the extension and your action files use the filter-client-headers
or filter-server-headers actions which have been removed
as Privoxy now supports real header filters.

Check your configuration file for lines like:

   actionsfile default

and change them to:

   actionsfile default.action

In your configuration file remove the obsoleted actions
mentioned above. Note that this will probably take more
time than simply following the steps in:

If you never actually changed Privoxy's action files
you might as well completely deinstall Privoxy 3.0.6,
install 3.0.8 and enable Tor again:


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