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HTTPS Free Webmail alternatives to Gmail [split from:] Re: Fastmail.fm better E-mail for Tor users than Gmail? HTTPS!

On 2/2/08, Andrew <tor@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Honestly, I don't believe you. What you wrote there sounded more like
> propaganda than a discussion, let alone a serious one.

You're reading it wrong, then. I used the extra effort to mention I
was not a part of the webmail service, nor did I recommend a paid
account and specified this thread should be confined to discussion of
free accounts. I mentioned these extras for a reason, so I could make
it clear my intention and not have a thread split into something
offtopic. What more should I say? Everyone using Tor that I know of
seems to use Gmail. Since I've noticed some problems with Gmail and
Tor use, and discovered another free service, I figured I'd open this
for discussion.

> Plus, there's other *free* services out there that provide SSL
> encryption for webmail. Coming to think of it, which service doesn't? I

Wonderful, may others please post services which do and work well with
Tor? Maybe we can change the Subject line to something else, then?
I'll do just that. The new thread title is HTTPS Free Webmail
alternatives to Gmail. I'm sorry, I didn't know there were so many
other secure webmail alternatives to Gmail for Tor users, list them
all please!

> just checked the most popular service for my language area, web.de - SSL
> is enabled by default from the moment you log in until the moment you
> log out.

Does web.de offer English language? Do you know of any other free SSL
webmail sites for Tor users?

> So, please do not abuse this list for advertising really overpriced
> services.

Please do not accuse me of abusing a list when I clearly stated my
intentions! You could be a little kinder when I took the time to be
kind myself.

Tor client users, please post your HTTPS free webmail alternatives to
Gmail here for use with Tor, and your experiences here! Thank you and
let us be kind and friendly!