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Tor and UDP

Relatively new to Tor.
Been using Tor a few weeks.
Installed it on a Ubuntu system ( using Synaptic.
From Firefox on Windows, I just specify the ip address and port 8118 for the http proxy.
It works.  It gets slow now and then but that is just fine.

I have another custom application (on a laptop) that suddenly stopped working.
After some digging around, it turns out that our ISP is blocking
certain UDP ports.
This application uses UDP to download its data.
This application will accept ip : port for a proxy.
So I put : 8118 but there are no downloads happening.

At the same time from the Tor-enabled FireFox, I can verify
that Tor is working because I have set the home page to
and re-starting Firefox shows the different exit node
every few minutes.

Is it possible to make UDP go over Tor?