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Re: A root-server for about 30EUR for an exitnode?

morphium wrote:

But it's not truely independent.
Look @ my IP net entry:

Or my Person entry:

There you wont find anything "higher" (Maintained-By)

it simply means you're maintaining your handle MNT-SHRK-SYSTMS by yourself and I let other people do the job for my handle OS835-RIPE. On the other hand I'm my own admin-c and tech-c whereas it appears to be a guy named Thomas Kalman for your network.

My intention to become abuse contact apparently does work so far. Last few days I've got a couple of abuse mails regarding the tor node's ip address, and this morning police called on my mobile phone.

At your entry, there is a Kai Siering mentioned...your provider :)

... my employee doing all the work :-)