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Re: directory server

On Wed, Feb 13, 2008 at 06:29:30PM -0600, NavouWiki wrote:
> Seems to me, the more authoritative directory servers run, the more robust
> the network is.  I'd like to do this.  Perhaps some of our existing
> directory server administrators can push me in the correct direction?

We could use some more, it's true. But we need to make sure that the
people who run them are well-known as being useful contributors to the
Tor community and also as being honest people with good common sense.

I wrote a little bit more here:

So I'd suggest that the first step would be to get involved in the Tor
community (IRC, mailing lists, etc), and then to get involved in the
security community (including physically meeting people at conferences
like CCC, Black Hat, Shmoocon, etc).