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Re: many scrubbed connections on tor relay running v0.2.0.19-alpha (r13450)

--- john smith <d1nqf0s4vg9wk5ilq@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Also, vidalia has crashed twice since I
> began running this
> version of Tor from around 07:00 on Tue, Feb 12,
> 2008. First time was
> 14/02/2008 & again on 19/02/2008. I have some logs
> from the Event
> Viewer if this is useful let me know & I will post.

It's possibly due to the Qt related bug. The latest
bundle was compiled with Qt 4.3.3, which triggers a
bug in Vidalia. Use an older Vidalia, or compile the
latest Vidalia SVN which has the fix. 

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