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Re: Maybe Firfox isn't the best choice for privacy?

On Fri, 15 Feb 2008 13:38:58 -0800, Mike Perry wrote:

> Thus spake kazaam (kazaam@xxxxxxxxx):
> A few comments on this. First off, the fact that window sizes factor
> into a hash means as soon as you resize your window 1 pixel, they get
> a completely new identifier, uncorrelated to the previous one. So this
> is a trivial identifier to modify on your own if you are aware of it,
> or even to change accidentally.
> But otherwise, I agree it is pretty interesting work, and Torbutton
> 1.1.14 will address many of these items, including a couple of modes
> of operation for masking window size, and protection against revealing
> extension installation during Tor. The ability to use chome urls to
> determine true user agent, extension presence, and platform
> information was brought to our attention courtesy of Gregory
> Fleischer about a month ago. Unfortunately, fixes for his issues and
> the window size spoofing code didn't make it into the 1.1.13 release
> because of the more serious javascript and plugin issues recently
> descovered in Firefox that that release had to work around.

What about NoScript extension? Will that prevent gathering information
about installed plugins and other settings?