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Re: Time Warner bad / VPS recommendations


> You raise important questions:  how many tor relays currently listed
> in the directory are running on hardware owned by the same entity?  And
> how many of those are on hardware physically located at the same site?

And if they are using virtual servers within the same ISP...

> Is it possible to get a three-hop circuit using relays that are ostensibly
> being operated by different individuals, but which are all running on the
> same physical machine because the operators all subscribe to the same
> company's hosting service?

Whois and geoip could help you at least in some way with approximating
how many such circuits (which do not use nodes listed as a family of
nodes) could exist. It would be a rough estimate though. Maybe we
could make a script which would go over whois data and e-mail
operators so that they could cooperate end enter those nodes as a
family. Or maybe this could be an automated process? (To check when
building a circuit if nodes are of the same ISP.)