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Re: Grrr...SafeLogging doesn't work in :-{

     On Tue, 10 Feb 2009 12:22:57 -0600 (CST) I wrote:
>     I think we need a quick patch for this one.  I just built and fired up
> with no changes to torrc from what I had already.  As soon
>as exit requests came in, I saw (at INFO-level logging) that IP addresses are
>now being logged as the exit connections are made, whereas in
>and earlier, the port numbers appeared, but the IP addresses had been scrubbed.
>I tried adding "SafeLogging 1" to torrc in case the default had somehow gotten
>changed, but that seemed to have no effect either.

     Here's more information.  The "[scrubbed]" field still appears in the
messages, but the IP addresses now appear inside parentheses right after
the port number used.  For example,

Feb 10 11:43:05.346 [info] connection_edge_finished_connecting(): Exit connection to [scrubbed]:43 ( established.

     Unless what looks scary is somehow actually innocuous, I do think we
need a patch ASAP.

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