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Some Bones to Pick with Tor Admins

(please read and comprehend in entirety, thanks)
Say, howz about fixing your latest "stable" version of Tor so that it
still works on W98se? I get protection faults when executing tor (not
within vidalia).

The last most recent version returns error messages saying that it is
obsolete already??? What's the deal with that? You mean the next most
recent version is already

I am running this on a P150 laptop with 80mg ram and also have been
experiencing frequent broken circuits with subsequent breaks in my chat
continuity. Also I wonder
if these dropped circuit connections can be used as a method of
triangulating my location/packets?

Other than that the last most recent version is working fine. So why is
it obsolete already and why does the latest version as of today not work
on 98se. And no, I don't need a lecture on upgrading windows, thanks,
they all are crap and I don't have the time now to install a REAL OS.
Also the memory in my laptop is maxed out. Please fix the latest version
of Tor and offer some explaination as to why you are obsoleting such a
recent version as the last good one?

Thanks, in advance for any helpful replies. :-)

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