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Re: Questions about gathering information and statistics about the tor-network


I tried something similar recently. My approach was to monitor the
infrastructure only, as this is public knowledge, and collect no
informations on the clients whatsoever. I incorporated this monitoring
already into TorStatus. Check out the SVN of TorStatus for the
implementation and see the trunk version of TorStatus @
http://trunk.torstatus.kgprog.com/ or

It is not yet perfect. The timeslot for updating is too short, so the
graphs look frayed. Short summary:

    * collect the total number of running, running exits, running guards
      and running fast servers and save them in an RRD over time.
    * On the top 11 countries these values are collected as well.

Kind regards, Martin

Karsten Loesing wrote:
> Hi Sebastian,
> Sebastian Schmidt wrote:
> >> Right, making data available might turn out to be difficult. I
> >> haven't looked at specific frameworks, yet. One option would be to
> >> integrate more graphics into TorStatus
> >> (http://trunk.torstatus.kgprog.com/). Kasimir Gabert did a great
> >> job displaying bandwidth histories for the past day, week, month,
> >> and so on. Maybe these graphics can be extended, given that we have
> >> good data to present.
> > Yes but there are so many links you can make between different
> > informations, you can't show them all on one page. I think a
> > dynamicaly solution like giving one the possibilty to say: show me
> > one single graph with the development of all exitnodes at all and all
> > exitnodes in britain between this dates, would be pretty cool. If
> > stator's ready does everything on the console and with gnuplot which
> > I want I'm going to look further into this.
> Yes, the existing TorStatus pages already contain enough information, so
> this would mean adding more pages. I rather meant using and extending
> the infrastructure of TorStatus to collect, store, and present data
> about the Tor network. This extension could allow users to select what
> data they are interested in and generate graphs for them. But to be
> honest, I haven't looked into any technical realizations so far. It's
> just an idea.
> > As soon as it can be used by others I will make a public release of
> > it. At the moment both apis need way more coding work to be used by
> > others than me and aren't documented at all.
> That looks great so far!
> You shouldn't wait for the perfect time to make your code available --
> there is no such time. Nobody expects your code to be perfect from the
> beginning. You might consider putting it into the Tor SVN repository or
> make it available at some other place. And of course: Commit early,
> commit often!
> Also, when your exams are done, you might want to hang out at #tor (if
> you aren't there already). It's probably easier to discuss designs there
> than filling the mailboxes of the people here. :)
> Best,
> --Karsten