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Re: [OT]RE: Impressive Vacheron Constantin for a loved one

     On Sun, 15 Feb 2009 19:45:42 -0500 downie - <downgeoff2@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>For those that are interested=2C to clarify: The spamvertised domain has be=
>en reported to the registrar for suspension.
>> From: badbytes@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> To: badbytes@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Subject: Impressive Vacheron Constantin for a loved one
>> Date: Sun=2C 15 Feb 2009 12:45:52 -0500
     That clarified nothing.
     Once again, you've posted something meaningless to this list.  You
have not identified either the domain that you claim has been reported
or the alleged registrar for that domain.  The last time I responded to
your note, I pointed out that the IP address of the source of the junk
mail message was at veloxzone.com.br.  I trust you have not tried to
create trouble for one of the victims, namely, freehaven.net.  In case
you haven't noticed where the OR-TALK list is distributed from, you
ought to.
     FWIW, if you think an Internet Domain Name registrar is going to
de-list the domain name of an ISP for offenses committed from the
computer of one of that ISP's subscribers, then you have a small
learning experience ahead of you. :-)

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