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Re: Tor speed

F. Fox wrote:

Ideally, TCP wouldn't be used in
Tor's operations at all; any TCP-based protocol using Tor would do its
own housekeeping. In other words - just as it does in things like
Hamachi and OpenVPN - Tor acts (from the program's point of view) just
like the underlying packet network.

I asked this earlier, but didn't see a response ...  Wouldn't moving Tor away from TCP connections impact the client's ability to connect out through draconian firewalls (i.e., those that block all outbound connections except HTTP and HTTPS)? If Tor wants to be valuable to journalists, aid workers, disgruntled citizens, etc. then having it be UDP-based just makes it trivial for an organization or government to block outbound client connections.

Granted, the same organization could block outbound HTTPS connections, but that has a much higher visibility and the press can call it "blocking access to the Web", which it cannot say about blocking UDP traffic.