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Re: Excludenodes not considered?

Oh lala. The tor developers should fix this issue. This is a extremly
high security risk for people who need anonymity while using the
internet from inside a "torture country" and use a rule like
ExcludeNodes CN,HK, but are connected to fake servers hosted by the
"torture governemnt" that uses a manipulated country identifier to hunt
enemies. This could be a question of beeing imprisoned or not for those


On Sun, 15 Feb 2009 08:12:44 -0500, force44@xxxxxxxxxxxxx said:
> I have in my torrc file this line:
> ExcludeNodes {de},xxx,yyy
> Despite the German nodes should not be used, some circuits use some of
> them, right now for example 
> LavendarMan (Online)
> Location: Worms, DE
> IP Address:
> and
> susebib (Online)
> Location: DE
> IP Address:
> The first one is in Germany according to a whois, the second one in fact
> seems to be in Sweden.
> So if the second could be used, why is the first used?
> Thank you

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