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Re: Whats the use of country.sh?

I don' t like germans. Germans are incalculable, extremly bigoted and
from what i red in the past 4 years they haven' t learned from 13 or 14
years of nazi sovereignty. Olaf, you asked and this is my reply in
shortness and with very very friendly words. If you like i can write
this in sharper tone a more details and with wonderful examples, but i
don' t want to anoy the list and your german officials, who are reading
this list. I am standing for free speech with all its fallout. 

On Sun, 15 Feb 2009 12:55:54 +0100, "Olaf Selke"
<olaf.selke@xxxxxxxxxxxx> said:
> Germershausen schrieb:
> > DE should be excluded anyway as a standard :)
> why do you think so?
> Olaf

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