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Re: Whats the use of country.sh?

     On Tue, 17 Feb 2009 01:34:59 -0800 "Germershausen"
<germershausen@xxxxxxxxxxx> double-top-posted:
>To: or-talk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Cc: or-talk@xxxxxxxx

     Please *stop* double-posting!
>I don' t like germans. Germans are incalculable, extremly bigoted and

     The pot referring to what it thinks is the kettle, eh?

>from what i red in the past 4 years they haven' t learned from 13 or 14
>years of nazi sovereignty. Olaf, you asked and this is my reply in
>shortness and with very very friendly words. If you like i can write
>this in sharper tone a more details and with wonderful examples, but i
>don' t want to anoy the list and your german officials, who are reading
>this list. I am standing for free speech with all its fallout. 
     This is really uncalled for, IMO, and helps nothing.  Please take it
elsewhere.  Besides, Olaf writes far more literately.

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