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Re: another reason to keep ExcludeNodes

Isn't ExcludeNodes widely enough used that if it was discontinued then people would use obsolete versions or try to hack Tor to get it back?

The reason I use Tor is that it takes power from those collecting huge databases and puts it back in my hands. I would be a bit annoyed if I was unable to control my own Tor client to it's fullest.

Lexi Pimenidis wrote:
On Tue, Feb 17, 2009 at 05:54:51PM CET, Mitar wrote:


    I just read Roger's message from July 2006 on playing down the use of
ExcludeNodes and maybe eventually eliminating it.  I encountered a reason
to use it not long ago that doesn't seem to have been mentioned.  I noticed
that certain image files that are frequently updated and that I look at many
times a day were getting truncated at random points in the files.  After a
little bit of investigation it turned out that one particular relay was
always in a circuit that truncated those files, so I added it to my
ExcludeNodes list.  And voila' complete images from then on.
Would not it be better if you would report this node so that its
problem can be fixed?

This could possibly be used to identify anonymous surfers: imagine an $evil
exit node trying to identify somebody surfing on $evil-site1 (which isn't
very popular and only a very small subset of people use it). It just needs
to modify the output a bit and then wait for somebody to complain about it.

Chances are, the one complaining might give away enough info to identify himself..?

Just my 2c,