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Re: Bittorrent

On Fri, February 20, 2009 16:24, Freemor wrote:
> The way I read this it will be the IP that was reported to the Tracker
> that is included unless none was reported. So if your client is
> reporting an your IP address (optimal for transfers/ not optimal for
> privacy)
yes, the tracker will register the connecting torified ip if the "ip"
value is not explicitly sent in the connection request

> if the wrong IP address is specified (and defaulting to the exit node
> ip by having the client not report one results in a incorrect IP)
> People wont be able to connect to you at all (you'll be able to
> download but wont share much back)
others users will not be able to initiate an handshake with you because
they had the wrong ip, but your client is not idling in the meantime and
it will initiate himself handshakes with other ips received from the

> So from what I see unless you stop you client from sending the IP or
> the client doesn't send it. then your proper IP will be reported to the
> tracker. If your client doesn't send your IP and you use tor You will
> end up in a state that makes your client a total leech?
not a total leech, you'll just be slower to join the swarm as it's all up
to the torified client to handshake with other peers.
once the handshake has been done, it doesn't care who starts what as long
both of the peers keep exchanging data.


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