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Re: aes performance

slush wrote:
> Oh, also dont forget that openssl speed runs only on one core!

yes, I know

> I tested it on my server 2x dualcore Xeon 3GHz and results:
> type             16 bytes     64 bytes    256 bytes   1024 bytes   8192
> bytes
> aes-128 cbc      92860.55k   120028.42k   130562.36k   132490.03k  
> 135248.26k
> aes-192 cbc      82754.33k   102625.36k   110524.08k   113481.96k  
> 114419.55k
> aes-256 cbc      74095.94k    90670.80k    96039.18k    97677.96k   
> 98717.71k
> .. but you have to multiple number by 4. So teoretical limit (in my
> case) is 371 MB/s and it is absolutely enough to run fast Tor node :-).
> I dont know how much cores you have, but dont forget on that...

nope, just one core is used by tor for aes crypto. So the "openssl speed aes"
command should give an idea about tor's throughput.