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Re: aes performance

John Brooks wrote:
> You're mistaken here.
My point was that the '16 bytes' column was showing significantly worse
results than the other columns. It's because of overhead for more
function calls, setting up keys, setting up initialization vectors, ...

> All of that aside, the encryption speed is a non-issue here. Unless you're
> using a large portion of a gigabit connection, AES will work far faster than
> your line speed on a modern processor. Additionally, just measuring the
> speed of that algorithm is very far from the entire story; there are MACs
> involved and tor has its own things that need to be applied, including
> layers of encryption. Still, I don't see encryption being a large issue for
> any but low-powered machines with high bandwidth connections.

Encryption speed is indeed only part of the problem, but on my LAN (with
a few years old hardware), the VIA Nano is by far the fastest when doing
SFTP file transfers or disk encryption.