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Re: mark surf pro

On Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 12:52:28PM +0100, tor-admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote 0.3K bytes in 10 lines about:
: Mark Surf pro is a commercial version for using the tor network:
:      http://www.thanksoft.com/products/mask-surf-pro/
: Anybody knows a little bit about this product? Is it the same shit
: like Cloakfish? It is promoted by the German computer newspaper Chip.

This product has been around for a while.  I talked to them a year or
two ago and politely asked them to stop using the tor trademarks and stop
making it look like they have some sort of endorsement.  They complied at
that time, but seem to have reverted back to their old marketing tricks.

At the time, users were confused and using the software thinking it was
a commercial version of Tor.  This is exactly why Tor has trademarks.
Not to be a bully, but to make it clear who does and does not use Tor,
and keep that clear for users.

I know nothing about the software and if it actually uses Tor or not.
We're developing a commercial certification program, and if companies,
such as Thanksoft, want real approval to use the trademarked logo and
name, then they should contact us.

I'll follow up with Thanksoft. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.