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Re: Searching for "good" ISPs

2010/2/4 Attac Heidenheim <heidenheim@xxxxxxxx>:
> Hallo,
> does anybody own Tor-relays or exit-nodes running on "Leaseweb" or
> "Rapidswitch" ?
> Any suggestions or warnings concerning "Leaseweb" or "Rapidswitch" ?

I've ran a fairly high bandwidth (~2TB/mo) non-exit node with Leaseweb
for almost two years, and have never had any problems. I did run exit
briefly and received a few abuse complaints, but after replying to
those with an explanation of tor, I never heard anything more about
them and never had any troubles. My choice to run non-exit is
unrelated to that.

If you're planning on running an exit node, I would suggest emailing
them, explaining Tor, and asking if there would be problems with the
handling of abuse. I expect that they would be fine with it. They've
always been a great provider, I have nothing but recommendations

Hope that helps.

 - John Brooks
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