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Re: Can't connect to TOR from uverse

On Thu, Feb 11, 2010 at 10:17 PM, Charles Eubanks
<charles.eubanks@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I just installed TOR on OSX and I am trying to connect. My ISP is AT&T Uverse.
> I never get past 10% "Establishing encrypted directory connection"
> I do not have outbound ports blocked for 80 or 443
> I have tried with and without  setting bridges. and also with and
> without restricted ports.
>  Included is my log output.
> Any clues for a total newbie?

Which version of Tor do you use? There are new packages for OS X 10.5
and 10.6 with a fix for broken openssl:

Runa Sandvik
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