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getinfo circuit-status


when interacting with tor control I can get the circuit with command "getinfo circuit-status". What's a bit confusing for me, there are more than one circuits:

getinfo circuit-status
51 BUILT rueckgrat,myrnaloy,$2DDAC53D4E7A556483ACE6859A57A63849F2C4F6 PURPOSE=GENERAL 50 BUILT Freedom,nixnix,$4744AD962D32A11CD7CF4513617FAC33B339806B PURPOSE=GENERAL 15 BUILT HW2,$4F0826FA4C325C3CAA0054A6E023E566302C20C7,RainCloud PURPOSE=GENERAL
14 BUILT Freedom,SuperDave,bp1 PURPOSE=GENERAL

So I have two questions:

-which circuit does tor use (is it alway the circuit with the highest number?) -is there a way to get this nodes always as fingerprint (for example, there are many nodes with name "idideditheconfig" and how do I know which one is it when the node is listed in plain text?)
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