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Re: bridge relay: GeoIPFile config option

Roger Dingledine schrieb:
> On Tue, Feb 16, 2010 at 10:36:23PM +0100, Karsten Loesing wrote:
>> On 2/16/10 6:17 PM, Olaf Selke wrote:
>>> am I right the bridge relay config option "GeoIPFile" means the path to
>>> GeoIP.dat provided by MaxMind?
>> No. Tor can only handle the text-based ip-to-country database, but none
>> of Maxmind's databases. You can the database that Tor understands in
>> src/config/geoip in the sources:
>> http://gitweb.torproject.org//tor.git?a=blob;f=src/config/geoip;h=31c721a9fe1d554e6a404b046eeaa4d83162f49b;hb=HEAD
>> Or do you want to use Maxmind's database for some reason? If so, you can
>> probably convert the text-based one (not .dat) easily.
> Tor actually understands several variants of geoip db format -- but all
> ascii, none binary.

it might be a good idea to mention the supported geoip formats in the
tor manual ;-) https://www.torproject.org/tor-manual.html

@Karsten: So far I didn't try to understand tor's source code regarding
bridges' geoip stuff. I supposed it to be MaxMind's format since it's
used and proven to work by the well known tor network status web sites.

> The free
> maxmind one is intentionally crippled, which makes me not so optimistic
> about its future.

the free of charge MaxMind's db works perfectly to match the country.
Determining state/region, city, US postal code, and so on requires the
non crippled version.

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