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Re: Path-spec - fast circuits

Thus spake ilter yüksel (ilteryuksel@xxxxxxxxx):

> Hello Everyone,
> Firstly thank all of you so much for your concern. I really appreciate all
> effort which for anonymity by open source.
> Mike, I'm reading and trying to understand your changes on path and
> dir-spec. Could you say please why there isn't "Wge" integer value on list?
> Can't we select a node with exit flag for guard position?

No, you can only select 'Dual' flagged exit nodes (Exit+Guard) for the
guard position. Hence it doesn't make sense to have a Wge weight.
> Also could you please explain what is the condition of below statement on
> path-spec? ;
> "If we're using Guard nodes, the first node must be a Guard (see 5 below )"
> It says see 5 below but even i've read 5. section i couldn't get what is the
> condition of this statement; "if we're using Guard nodes".

In normal operation, Tor uses Guard nodes. If the user configured it
to use bridges, Tor behaves as if those bridges were its guard nodes.
If the user has specified a strict set of EntryNodes, Tor uses those
as if they were guard nodes.

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs

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