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Re: Searching for "good" ISPs

Hi All,

 Sorry for this shameless plug, but it seems to be very relevant to
the topic. As someone said before this is Capitalism and if there is
demand there will be supply.

  I am actually working for a startup company Coldbot (UK),
https://coldbot.com/ and we are running a beta test of hosted Tor
service (still very much in development stage, though). Feel free to
have a look. The idea is to to give customers an option to run Tor
servers without getting too deep into technical details and without
worrying how 'Tor friendly' their ISP is.

  The plans are to have Tor, VPN and some kind of proxy server
services which customers could pick and match in any combination they

  As one of the options the customers could VPN into coldbot network
and use it as the EntryNode their Tor server running on Coldbot
network. Which would be almost the same as having so much discussed 2
hop Tor routing. Quite a few other combinations are possible as well,
including simply running a Tor server either as relay or exit.

  Basically, I am after some feedback and maybe a wish list or
suggestions. What Tor community would like to see in such kind of
service provider?

 Thank You.
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