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Re: why polipo?

On 02/20/2010 03:58 PM, Marco Bonetti wrote:
> Andrew Lewman wrote:
>> Chrisd even wrote Mozilla a patch and submitted it on the bug.
> cool, do you apply the patch to windows tor bundles? if not, it could be
> worth to be applied :)

No, we don't build our own Firefox yet.  I've been resisting adding
"Tor's firefox" to the list of software we maintain and build every
release.  However, yes it may become worthwhile to build our own
Firefox, and integrate Chrisd's patch.

> on the other side, I've mixed feelings regarding the possible switch
> from firefox to chrome or any other browser but if this will help
> spreading Tor, I'll more than gladly welcome it

I have mixed feelings as well.   Chromium/chrome has a nice sandboxing
model, is very fast at rendering, and in general is a nice browser.
It's new enough that by implementing some api's for us, we can integrate
torbutton functionality into it far easier than the current reverse
engineering we have to do with firefox.

Alternatives could be like torfox and torora, where you just build the
browser from the start with Tor in mind.

Andrew Lewman
The Tor Project
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