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Re: Tor on the Nokia N900 (Mobile Tor stuff)

On 02/19/10 16:13, Rich Jones wrote:
Thanks for the reply. After some thought, I realize that the perfect 
should not be an enemy of the good; that TORing the net remains 
valuable, even if the OS is handshaking the cloud.

It is also important that as many (cell) users as possible use/support 
TOR - use it or lose it.

> Perhaps, that is a good reason FOR Tor to be on Android.
> I'm a huge android fan (currently making my living off of Android
> development, in fact) - and the reason that it is so interesting to me
> is because it covers all of the major US carriers, numerous
> international carriers, and it's available on both high and low end
> phones. There is a huge amount of interoperability that you just don't
> get by just developing for a single Nokia phone.

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