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Re: browser fingerprinting - panopticlick

scar wrote:
> Mike Perry @ 01/28/2010 02:04 PM:
>> After all, in normal operation, your history leaks one fuckload of
>>  a lot of bits. And that's a technical term. Sensitive ones too, 
>> like what diseases and genetic conditions you may have (via Google
>>  Health url history, or Wikipedia url history). It's pretty
>> annoying that the browser makers really have no plan to do anything
>> about that massive privacy leak.
> isn't there any way to protect against that without using 
> Tor/Torbutton? i think there was a SafeHistory add-on, but it's still
>  not been ported to FF 3.0+.

IIUC, SafeHistory (with other stuff) has been incorporated into Torbutton.

Also, you can use Torbutton - benefiting from its protections and
obscuration - without using TOR. So if you have, say, three Firefox
browser profiles (e.g. banker, anonymous, and general browsing), you can
equip each with Torbutton and configure only the anonymous browser to go out
via Polipo/TOR. The other two can go out via Polipo/direct. Simply
configure each Torbutton proxy setting appropriately.

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