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Re: enabling bridges on NATed clients

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sird@xxxxxxx wrote:
> What do you guys think about using http://samy.pl/pwnat/ idea to allow
> people that want to run a bridge behind a NAT? Maybe enhance the
> discovery protocol to this kind of stuff.
It's cool to personally implement it if you want to made a NAT-ted node
visible: run pwnat on both servers and fire up tor on the internal one.
Here in Italy we've a big provider which heavily use NAT (Fastweb) if
you dig up the mailing list archive you can find a guy (Ian, maybe?
can't recall right now) who was able to publish a NAT-ted node using
iptables and an external host.

The only drawback of such solutions is the 1-to-n kill ratio: kill the
external node and you kill n clients behind it :(

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