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Re: What can see a server of a Bittorent when I contact with it through Tor?

James Brown(jbrownfirst@xxxxxxxxx)@Sun, Feb 21, 2010 at 04:05:33PM +0000:
> I set my Bittorent client for contacting with tracker through Tor.
> What can see a server of a Bittorent when I contact with it through Tor?
> As I understand there are ip-adresses of exit-nodes in the headers of
> ip-packets. But I want to know are there my real ip-addresses in the all
> content of such ip-packets? How the Bittorrent server give other users
> about me - through ip or by another way?
> I want to be anonimous at least for the tracker, its ISP and state
> powers control the territory when its server are based.

They can all see your real IP.  That's how other nodes know how to get
packets to you.

You could configure it to do everything through BitTorrent, but:
1) Don't do that.  The speed will be horrible.  Like, slower than getting
   a second job at minimum wage and making enough to buy whatever you're
   downloading. Even free stuff, which you could pay someone to burn to
   disk and mail you.

2) Don't do that.  DMCA notices to exit nodes by people who don't realize
   the above suck, and will cost us exits in the long run.

Bill Weiss
<Dan> you know me, I like to remove as much personal freedom as I can
      when programming
<Dan> which we can call API Developer's Jock Itch

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