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Re: Problem bootstrapping. Stuck at 5%

I have wanted to understand more about these  Vidalia/Tor torrc files and just how and where one "edits them." In other words what do I write, where and in what manner?
I keep following or-talk in the hopes I will glean something from what is posted and I think I am still visualizing the way Tor, Vidalia and Privoxy used to look in my Library from several years ago.
I wasn't really trying to do anything but simply find the file, look at it and see if I am able to understand or figure out just how I would change it (edit torrc), if the need arose or I felt brave enough.

I generally have had no problems over the last 4-5 years using Tor but don't feel I understand it any more than I did then. Now it is much easier to use and I'm not sure I need to change anything but I still keep in mind the idea of being able to eventually become a Tor server. Thus, I need to learn a lot and it looks like Mt. Everest to me. :D


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On 02/28/2010 07:23 AM, zzzjethro666@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hello. Can someone please explain this to me in a way I might be able
> to follow it? I am not very savvy, I admit but I need something more
> clear in its detail as to exactly what do I do. "On OS X, if you use
> Vidalia, edit ~/.vidalia/torrc, otherwise open your favorite text
> editor and load /Library/Tor/torrc" Is the file I look for (and where
> by the way?-I use OS X 10.5.2 ppc), ~/.vidalia/torrc? I really don't
> know what it means by "my favorite text editor. Is that like Text
> Edit in Mac? and load, how?

What are you trying to do that cannot be accomplished in Vidalia?

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