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Proposal for making Tor TLS stand out less

Currently Tor traffic is sent in packets of 512 bytes (which "setevents bw" 
shows as 586), which makes it easy to recognize even though it's all TLS 
encrypted. I propose implementing the following on each connection from one 
Tor node to another:
1. Allocate a 2048-byte buffer.
2. When the relay has a packet to send, it puts it in the buffer, then picks a 
random number from 1 to the number of bytes in the buffer or 1426, whichever 
is less, and sends out that many bytes.
3. If the number of bytes remaining in the buffer is more than 1536, repeat 
step 2.
4. If no packet is ready to go out for a second, send out whatever is in the 
1536=2048-512; 1426=1500+512-586.

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